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Michigan workers' compensation questions do have answers

Many of us are fortunate enough to never have to file a workers' compensation claim. As a result, the process and administration of a claim may seem extremely hazy to some. When an incident at work does occur, then, we are struck with the uncertainty of how workers' compensation will apply to us. Michigan's Workers' Compensation Agency, however, publishes online materials which are meant to help workers filing a claim understand the process.

For instance, the Agency can inform workers that benefits for lost wages are generally calculated by averaging the top earning 39 of the past 52 weeks and paying the claimant 80 percent of that value. In addition, the Agency provides guidance in situations where there are tensions between a doctor, employer or adjuster.

These situations can be extremely challenging. Sometimes, an adjuster will order an independent medical exam. The results may conflict with your own doctors' orders, which could cause headaches. In other cases, an employer will fail to file a claim and may request the employee do the same. In these instances, injured workers may be stuck between a rock and hard place.

Local Saginaw attorneys, though, specialize in workers' compensation claims and will help employees resolve disputes in a way that maximizes their benefits. There are hundreds of ways for an employee to lose out on lawful benefits which cover loses like medical expenses and lost wages. Allowing the process to get out of control will ensure that benefits are reduced. Retaining a qualified attorney to control the process, however, will help ensure all qualifying benefits are obtained.

Source: Workers' Compensation Agency, "Workers' Frequently Asked Questions," Accessed on August 18, 2014

Source: Workers' Compensation Agency, "Workers' Frequently Asked Questions," Accessed on August 18, 2014

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