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March 2015 Archives

Pharmaceutical site wins Michigan safety award for a third time

Most Michigan workers know about the dangers of workplace injuries and do their best to avoid them when they are on the job. Working hand-in-hand with their employees' efforts, employers and business owners must also do their part and take the extra step in order to ensure a safe and clean work environment in order to prevent workers' injuries. So when a Michigan firm excels at its efforts to provide a safe environment and wins a prestigious award from a state safety organization for the third time, state workers and residents are bound to applaud such an effort.

A new Michigan industry joins the MIOSHA high hazard list

Most Michigan residents probably believe that they have a good idea of what types of industries are thought of as the most hazardous. They know that the mining, farming, petrochemical and construction industries can be pretty dangerous places, and unfortunately these industries suffer many on-the-job injuries every year. But, a recent report by the Michigan Occupational Safety Health Administration has identified a top ten high hazard industry that many people in the state would probably not initially consider. In their winter 2015 newsletter, MIOSHA has recognized the Support Activities for Transportation as a new top ten high hazard industry. Accordingly, MIOSHA has identified SAT as one area of employment that the safety organization will work on to actively seek to reduce the injury and illness rates.

What exactly is covered by a Michigan workers' compensation plan?

What happens if a Michigan resident gets injured on the job? Do they know what they should do in this situation? Do they know what kind of injury coverage their employer has? And exactly when does this coverage begin?

Dangers of a mine collapse and other risks with mine work

People in Michigan who work in mines understand the possible risks with that kind of job. While the number of times a mine collapse has been prominent in the news is generally low, that doesn't diminish the risk that mine workers face on a daily basis. Although workers are undoubtedly aware of these dangers, those risks can be mitigated by employers taking steps to avoid an unsafe work environment and work accidents. These accidents often happen due to common hazards - many of which are preventable with proper procedures.

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