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April 2015 Archives

Poor Workers' Compensation and injuries add to income inequality

Most residents of Tuscola County, Michigan, work extremely hard at their jobs. They know that the income they receive is very important to them and their families. But, if they are injured on the job, many of these workers believe that they will receive the necessary monetary benefits from Workers' Compensation that will cover their lost wages. However, a new report issued by the U.S. Department of Labor reveals that workplace injuries, as well as an antiquated workers' compensation system, is not helping workers, but they are in fact contributing to an overall income gap.

Carpal tunnel syndrome facts that Michigan workers should know

Most Saginaw, Michigan, workers are confident in their abilities to perform their jobs. They know that their managers and co-workers can depend on them to complete their daily work tasks to the best of their abilities. And, while they may from time to time go to work with small aches and pains, they know that it is important to recognize any physical signs that may develop into a more serious condition. For many workers in the automotive, petrochemical and construction industries, a condition that they must monitor is carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS).

OSHA cites another federal organization for safety violations

Sometimes employees in Huron County are subjected to unsafe conditions. They may be exposed to chemical, mechanical or electrical dangers at their worksite without their knowledge. These kinds of dangers may exist simply because the employer doesn't know about them or they may even be the result of employer negligence. Either way, these situations need to be reported immediately to both management and the proper safety organizations when discovered in order correct any problems and protect the safety of every worker at the site.

Situations Michigan workers' compensation doesn't cover

Being injured on the job can be a challenging and frustrating situation for any Michigan worker. In just a matter of moments, someone can go from being a normal, healthy individual, who is providing for his or her family, to a person who is unable to work and now requires medical care and special treatment. It is even more frustrating when that worker realizes that he or she will no longer be able to take care of the monetary needs of their family for a period of time. Fortunately, workers compensation benefits can provide the necessary financial remuneration that an injured Michigan worker needs. But, it is important to remember that workers' compensation may not cover injuries that occur at all types of work situations.

What are the benefits of vocational rehabilitation?

Whenever workers are injured on the job, whether in Michigan or another state, their first priority must be to obtain the proper medical care. Once that has been taken care of, they can then file a workers' compensation claim in order to receive much needed benefits. As time passes, these injured workers may continue to get medical treatment as well as physical therapy in order to help them recover more completely. But there is another important benefit that that is available for injured Michigan workers. Vocational rehabilitation can also help them when they physically return to their job.

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