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Bay City Workers’ Compensation and Personal Injury Attorney

Representing Michigan Work Injury and Car Accident Victims

If you’ve been seriously injured, you have a lot to handle. You may be in pain, have your mobility temporarily or permanently limited, be unable to work, and be facing an ever-growing pile of medical bills. Securing fair compensation can make the difference between continuing losses and the opportunity to recover from your injuries and rebuild your life in peace.

Whether your injury occurred on the job or in traffic, you will likely face resistance from the insurance carrier responsible for compensating you. That’s because insurance companies make money by collecting as much revenue as they can in the form of premiums and then paying out as little as they can in claims.

Even in the workers’ compensation arena, where the law provides a non-adversarial way for injured workers to secure compensation, injury victims often have to fight for their rights. An experienced workers’ compensation or personal injury attorney can be your best weapon in that battle.

Bay City Workers’ Compensation Claims

The Michigan workers’ compensation system was intended to make it easy and conflict-free for the tens of thousands of workers injured in Michigan each year to secure compensation. The system provides remedies for workers who:

  • Are temporarily disabled as the result of a work injury
  • Are permanently disabled as the result of a work injury
  • Incur medical expenses as the result of a work injury
  • Have their future earning capacity impacted by a work injury

While workers’ compensation protects workers across a wide range of industries, some of the fields in which workers are more likely to sustain injuries, and whose injuries are more likely to be serious, include:

  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation and warehousing
  • Health care and social services

It’s easy to see how a hospital employee or an assembly line worker might be susceptible to on-the-job injuries, but work injuries occur in many different ways. For example, an insurance agent injured in a car accident while driving to meet with a prospective client, or a grocery store clerk who slips and falls in the store may be equally eligible for workers’ compensation benefits.

Learn More about Your Michigan Workers Compensation Rights

Unfortunately, being entitled to workers’ compensation benefits doesn’t automatically ensure that you will receive benefits, or that the compensation you receive will be fair and adequate. One way to learn more about your rights and how to protect yourself in a workers’ compensation case is to talk with an experienced workers’ compensation attorney.

Attorney Timothy S. Burns has been represented injury victims, including those injured at work, for nearly two decades. You can schedule a free consultation with Burns Law by calling 844-BURNSLAW (844-287-6752).

Pursuing Additional Claims in Work Injury Cases

While workers’ compensation is often described as an “exclusive remedy,” it is exclusive only with regard to the injured worker’s employer. Workers’ compensation does not preclude an injured worker from filing a lawsuit against another party who may share liability for the injury.

For example, a construction worker who falls from an upper level because protective barriers were not properly placed may be limited to a workers’ compensation claim if his own employer was responsible for placing those barriers. However, if he works for a subcontractor on the job, and the general contractor was responsible for placement of the barriers, he may have a separate negligence claim against the general contractor.

Often, this type of claim is overlooked when an employee is injured at work. However, third-party claims often allow an injured party to recover damages that are not available under the Michigan workers’ compensation system, increasing the amount of compensation available.

Bay City Car Accident and Motorcycle Accident Injuries

The Michigan State Police report that more than 3,000 motor vehicle accidents took place in Bay County in 2016. In those accidents, more than 800 people were injured and ten were killed. When a person has been injured in a motor vehicle accident because someone else was negligent, the injured party may be entitled to damages such as:

  • Reimbursement for medical expenses (past and projected)
  • Compensation for lost income and lost earning capacity
  • Pain and suffering and other quality of life losses
  • Property damage, such as repair or replacement of the vehicle involved in the accident

Talking to a personal injury attorney as soon as possible is beneficial for many reasons, including:

  • Learning important dates and deadlines to ensure that you don’t lose the opportunity to recover damages
  • Giving the attorney the best possible opportunity to assemble evidence on your behalf
  • Starting the process earlier to avoid unnecessary delays in receiving compensation

It’s easy to get started with a free consultation.

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When you’re recovering from an injury, the last thing you need is the stressful, time-consuming job of untangling the legal process. An experienced injury attorney like Timothy S. Burns can take that burden off of your shoulders, fighting for your rights while you focus on your recovery.

Give yourself the sense of relief that comes with knowing your injury case is in good hands. Pick up the phone right now and call 844-BURNSLAW (844-287-6752) to schedule a free consultation.