Brains not immune from industrial injury

On average, 1,550 Michigan residents die every year from a traumatic brain injury. On top of that, the Public Health Institute estimates another 9,340 are hospitalized with what may be diagnosed as a traumatic brain injury.

These injuries may occur in any number of ways. While car accidents are often cited as the main culprit, it is also possible that an industrial injury can result in significant head trauma. Fortunately, local workers in the Saginaw area have access to some of the best brain trauma specialists.

With the rise in traumatic brain injuries to such high-profile victims as soldiers and athletes, more and more resources have been pumped into studying the injury and developing more advanced treatments.

In the past, an undiagnosed brain injury may have resulted in depression, anxiety and other mood- altering effects. As a result, a victim may find it difficult to interact with family and friends while his or her work life suffers, as well. Now, medical professionals can diagnose these injuries and set out to mitigate the symptoms or cure the injury altogether.

Getting the best treatment, however, may not be guaranteed. Workers injured on the job in Michigan need an advocate who will secure the maximum amount of benefits available to them.

If you are the victim of a work accident or a negligent employer, it is vital to secure the help of a local Saginaw workers’ compensation attorney. This professional can help ensure that victims recoup the benefits needed to pursue the best medical help and recovery that is available.

Source: Lansing State Journal, “Origami Brain Injury Rehabilitation Center,” May 24, 2014