Carpal tunnel syndrome can be caused by work injury

Carpal tunnel syndrome is defined as the pressing or squeezing of the median nerve, which runs between the forearm and the palm, at or near the wrist. The syndrome is routinely characterized by tingling, numbness and eventually pain in one’s hands and wrists. This progressive medical condition grows in severity unless treated by a qualified physician. It is sometimes missed by medical professionals and can be a cause of medical negligence.

While carpal tunnel syndrome can be caused by any number of factors, it may also be an on-the-job injury. For instance, carpal tunnel syndrome can be caused by the repeated use of vibrating tools and traumatic events to the median nerve area. Saginaw area workers suffering from this condition may be forced to endure excruciating pain and see their work performance dip as a result of their condition.

Carpal tunnel syndrome requires treatment, which in turn, requires rest from work. The loss of income and medical expenses of going through treatment have caused thousands of workers to suppress their symptoms. It is vital for these individuals to know that they may be entitled to workers compensation benefits as a result of the injury.

Local workers’ compensation lawyers can help workers nip this condition in the bud by proving the connection between what someone is experiencing in their hands to a job related event. The expertise of attorneys has allowed hundreds of local people to get the treatment and rest they needed without enduring the financial stress of doing it alone. Anyone experiencing a growing pain in their hands or wrists, especially when those symptoms are worse at work, should reach out to an attorney for a consultation.

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