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Workplace accidents a serious risk to Michigan workers

Recently, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) released a study confirming that falling remains one of the leading causes of unintentional injury deaths in the United States. Ladder falls account for a staggering 43% of these falling deaths. In the construction industry, an even higher percentage of falls involve ladders. Eighty-one percent of those treated for a construction fall at a hospital said they fellContinue reading

Workers Compensation Claim Costs Being Examined in Michigan

The Workers Compensation Research Institute in Cambridge, Massachusetts recently released a study showing that Michigan and just 15 other states account for 60% of the workers comp benefit payments in the United States. Notably absent from the study were high population states like California and New York. The staggering percentage was attributed, rather, to the lack of restrictions on medical treatment pricing. As a result,Continue reading

Workplace accidents one the decline for one Michigan company

The federal labor board recently issued statistics estimating that more than 3 million non-fatal workplace accidents occurred last year in the private sector. This figure amounts to approximately 3.4 accidents per 100 full-time workers. Michigan was not immune, suffering its fair share of incidents, mostly in the manufacturing industry. The injury types ranged from back injuries tied to lifting, all the way to burns causedContinue reading

Health care workers exposed to dangerous chemicals, lack training

Working with hazardous chemicals can be very dangerous, and workers exposed to hazardous chemicals have a higher risk of being a victim of occupational exposure and injuries in the workplace. Did you know that health care workers often work with hazardous chemicals and may be at risk for being injured? Health care workers may not be the first occupation people think of when they hearContinue reading