Are there devices that can help prevent knee injuries on the job?

Knee injuries are a far too common occurrence on many Michigan construction job sites. This is because the knees are one of the most overworked parts of a person’s body and they are engaged countless times every day. Bending or kneeling improperly one too many times can result in a serious work accident that can lead to days away from the job. But are there devices that a Michigan worker can use daily to help prevent a knee injury?

Continuously kneeling on a hard surface puts a lot of pressure on the tendons, cartilage and ligaments of an individual’s knees. One way that a worker can reduce the pressure on their knees is to use a device known as a portable kneeling creeper. This tool should be used whenever a worker has to kneel on a hard floor for an extended period of time. Knee creepers have seats that allow a worker to sit as well as cushioned supports for the knees. They reduce the degree of stress that kneeling creates.

Another device that can help prevent knee injuries are knee pads. Knee pads are basically body armor for the knees that act like shock absorbers and they attach to the knees with straps. The tough hard plastic outer portion absorbs the majority of stress that the knees normally would while the inside padding cushions the worker’s knee.

Workers who install carpeting are also very susceptible to knee injuries because they kneel on hard surfaces while installing and they use a device known as a knee kicker to stretch the carpet while it is being installed. This constant repetitive motion of using the knee kicker stresses and can injure the knees. However, this stress can be eliminated with the use of a power stretcher. A power stretcher is a tool that allows the worker to stretch the carpet without using his or her knees, thereby protecting them.

Knee injuries can be extremely serious and shouldn’t be ignored. Any Michigan worker who is recovering from a work-related knee injury may want to speak with an industrial accident attorney in order to fully understand the options that are available to them.

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