Equipment types and movements that can cause an amputation

An amputation can be traumatic. Recovering from this type of injury is a daunting challenge for anyone and can involve relearning basic skills such as walking and writing. The risk of an amputation can occur in many different industries; however there are some kinds of equipment and kinds of machine motions that can present a more dangerous amputation hazard than others. So here are specific types of tools and motions to be aware of.

Amputations can occur when workers perform their daily work tasks with tools that don’t have the proper types of safeguards. Tools that can be especially dangerous include power presses, conveyers, printing presses, food slicers and milling machines. Items such as trash compactors and power tools can also present a real challenge.

In addition to these kinds of tools, there are specific types of mechanical motion that can present an acute amputation hazard. These kinds of motions include circular rotation which can grab a worker’s clothing and force a person’s body into a dangerous spot. Reciprocating motions are also dangerous because they can trap a worker between a part that is moving and a part that is stationary. Other types of mechanical motions that are dangerous include cutting, punching, shearing and bending.

Amputations that are the result of an industrial injury can be life altering. However, any Michigan worker who has been involved in a serious work accident while on the job due to a negligent employer may want to speak with a work accident attorney after receiving the proper medical care in order to explore the possibility of legal action.

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