What exactly is covered by a Michigan workers’ compensation plan?

What happens if a Michigan resident gets injured on the job? Do they know what they should do in this situation? Do they know what kind of injury coverage their employer has? And exactly when does this coverage begin?

Fortunately, all Michigan employers are required to obtain Workers’ Compensation insurance for their employees who happen to suffer a workplace accident. Workers’ Compensation is a type of insurance program that provides for an employee’s medical expenses and compensates them for their missing wages if they are unable to return to work.

If an employee gets injured or becomes ill because of their job, the first thing they must do is tell their manager and then seek medical care for their injury or illness. While the employee is seeking treatment, the manager will file a claim for workers’ compensation for the employee. By the next day a Third Party Administrator will contact the employee about their claim.

If the worker’s injury or illness lasts for seven days or less, then the workers’ compensation benefits are limited to covering medical related expenses only. If the injury or illness lasts between seven and 13 days, then the employee’s medical expenses and wages are covered beginning on the eighth day. However, if the illness or injury lasts longer than 14 days, then the employee’s wages and medical expenses are covered from the date of the initial injury/illness. There is much more information to discover about Workers’ Compensation Benefits, including Supplemental Wage Benefits and Employment and Benefit Status. Michigan residents who need to apply to this program can learn more from the State of Michigan online brochure.