Firefighter dies while collecting donations in tragic hit-and-run

Many jobs in America come with inherent safety risks. United States solders are often led into battle in foreign countries to protect our freedoms. Thousands die each year fighting for our nation. On our own soil, firefighters are often met with challenging and serious situations saving lives as well. Whether they are extinguishing serious fires, and entering dangerous situations that may pose safety risks toward the wellbeing of the worker, firefighters are at risk each and every day they go to work. But the last thing on a firefighter’s mind is that his or her life may end while standing on the road collecting donations.

Such was the tragic story of a 37 year old Lansing, Michigan firefighter who was struck and killed by a hit-and-run driver while collecting donations for muscular dystrophy research at the intersection of Cedar Street and Jolly Road in Lansing.

After being angered that he was stuck in traffic, presumably caused by the Fill the Boot fundraising campaign of the fire department crew, the 22-year-old suspect allegedly intentionally struck the firefighter and drove off. He then ran on foot, but was subsequently caught and arrested by Lansing police.

The victim had previously served on active duty in Iraq for the United States Marine Corp. The victim had gotten married two months ago, and his wife was expecting their first child soon.

In instances where a worker is killed, his or her family may be entitled to compensation for emotional pain and suffering, as well compensation for future lost wages. While filing a suit will never bring back a lost loved one, his or her family may be able to recover money to ease their future and protect the wellbeing of the family.

Source: By Ken Palmer and Matt Mencarini, Lansing State Journal, “Firefighter collecting donations dies after hit-and-run” Accessed Sep. 14, 2015