Lifting at work, hazardous for Saginaw employees

Bodies break down. No matter how diligent we are about staying in shape and avoiding injuries, eventually our hard work catches up with us. Across the Saginaw area, hardworking Michiganders are realizing the effects of years of lifting heavy objects. From rotator cuff tears to lower back injuries, repetitive motions day after day can add up to a serious injury.

As most people know, employers are required by law to provide insurance which will compensate employees for injuries suffered at work. What most people do not realize, however, is that many claims made by employees on these insurance policies are denies. While every case is different, one of the most common reasons a claim is denied is because there is no nexus between the injury and the job.

In an adjuster’s mind, your rotator cuff tear could have been caused while playing catch with your son while that lower back injury was the result of a weekend fishing trip. Indeed, all of our personal lives may have an impact on our bodies. This does not mean that you are not entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. But, you must still prove that your condition was the result of a work event.

The local attorneys at Burns Law know precisely what must be done to make such a showing. These professionals specialize in helping prove that these “over time” injuries were the result of work conditions and repetitive motions.

Their tireless advocacy has helped hundreds of local Saginaw residents recoup hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost wages, medical expenses and other damages caused by their injury. If you or a loves one has questions about what you can do when suffering a nagging work related injury you should contact the workers’ compensation specialists at Burns Law.