Michigan city worker struck, injured by hose on the job

A worker employed by the City of Detroit was injured recently while doing some sewer work on the city’s east side. According to reports, the man was working on a sewer issue near Glenwood and Queen when he was hit in the midsection area by a pressured hose. The worker was transported to St. John’s Hospital where he received medical treatment for injuries which, fortunately, proved to be non-life threatening.

A spokesman for Detroit’s Water and Sewerage Department indicated that an investigation was underway to determine whether the injury was caused by a mechanical issue or human error.

While this distinction may make little difference to the injured victim, it may have ramifications regarding his ability to recoup workers’ compensation benefits, as well as his ability to recover additional sums for the damages sustained in the incident.

Generally, workplace injuries entitle Michigan workers to benefits such as lost wages and medical expenses. The type of injury or the type of employer may affect how that recovery is carried out. The administrative and legal regulations affecting workplace injuries are a maze, however, that can lead almost any injured worker astray.

Fortunately, local Saginaw area workers’ compensation attorneys specialize in simplifying the process and helping injured workers efficiently understand what they need to do and when. These experts will make sure that those injured on the job recoup the maximum amount of damages which may be available to them. No matter the type of employer or the nature of the job, experienced workers’ comp attorneys can help guide victims through the red tape so they may receive the monetary awards necessary for them to get on with their lives.

Source: The Detroit News, “City worker sent to hospital after injury during sewer work on Detroit east side,” Candice Williams, May 28, 2014