New workers compensation provider enters Michigan market

Eastern Alliance Insurance (EAI) Group, a casualty insurance company based out of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, recently opened a new facility in Grandeville. The group had previously expanded into Indiana before making Michigan part of its footprint too. It is expected that EAI Group will specialize in providing workers compensation coverage to Michigan employers.

The insurance provider markets itself to employers by offering various different plan options and services, which they claim can be customized to any business. From third-party administrators, or TPAs, to ParallelPay, or pay as you go plans, the insurer has a veritable smorgasbord of workers compensation products to offer.

What this all means to the average Michigan worker, though, is little. Workers’ compensation coverage is provided for by employers, and, therefore, employees have very little to say about what types of coverage their boss chooses to buy. Nevertheless, the insurance is there for the employee’s benefit and no one else’s.

Accordingly, when an accident happens at work and someone is hurt on the job, they are entitled to recover such things as medical expenses and lost wages. No matter what industry jargon is thrown out, there to describe one’s policy benefits, an injured worker should be made whole.

However, policy terms which are outside the control of the employee may adversely affect their ability to recoup benefits. Therefore, injured workers are encouraged to contact a local Saginaw attorney who specializes in workers’ compensation benefits.

These experts can work with the insurance provider. In addition, they can work with the employer to ensure that the purpose of the insurance coverage is carried out; that is, to ensure the injured worker receives all the help to which they are entitled under Michigan law.

Source: Grand Rapids Business Journal, “Eastern Alliance Insurance Group opens facility in Grandeville,” Racheal Weick, July 18, 2014