Do repetitive stress injuries qualify for workers comp benefits?

Workplace accidents happen every day in Michigan. From serious incidents to minor slip and falls, these incidents entitle the victims to benefits from their employer’s workers’ compensation carrier. Most of us, though, are fortunate enough to avoid sudden and jarring accidents at work. More likely, the repetitive stress of the job leads to nagging injuries that just won’t quit.

Each day the pain gets worse and worse until the worker finally goes in to see a doctor. While Michigan has some of the best physicians and surgeons in the country, these specialists come at a price. From orthopedic surgeons to neurologists to chiropractors and physical therapists, a worker with a reoccurring back or neck pain may have multiple treatments before a resolution is identified.

During this time, the worker may have to miss work and cover thousands of dollars of medical expenses out of his or her own pocket. The question becomes, then, whether these damages are covered through one’s workers compensation coverage. The answer lies in the details of the particular claim.

Certainly, there are incentives for insurers and employers to take the position that a nagging injury is the result of age or potentially a pre-existing condition. They may use such an excuse to deny benefits.

Local Saginaw workers’ compensation attorneys will not accept such boilerplate denials. These local advocates fight for Michigan’s workers. They understand how physical stress on the job can build up and result in disabling conditions. As a result, they know how to convince insurers and courts that their clients are entitled to benefits for a workplace injury.

Source: Michigan Sports & Spine Center, “Work Injury,” Accessed on August 26, 2014

Source: Michigan Sports & Spine Center, “Work Injury,” Accessed on August 26, 2014