Reports indicate 3 Michigan workers killed in August

No worker goes to their job expecting to be injured. However, the fact remains that hundreds of Michigan workers are injured every year while performing their everyday responsibilities. And even worse, dozens of workers are killed during the year while on the job. A recent news release from the Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration stated that three Michigan workers have died due to onsite accidents during August of 2015. These three deaths bring the total number of Michigan worker deaths to 23 for the year.

MIOSHA reports that one of the deaths involved a 55-year old grounds person. The individual was trimming trees at a golf course with a supervisor. Both employees were removing a large diameter limb from a tree and had attached a chain to the limb and to the bucket end of a front end loader. The supervisor was driving the loader while the worker remained in the bucket. While driving backwards, the tree limb broke and snapped back to the bucket, pinning the worker and crushing him. He was pronounced dead after being transported to a local hospital.

In the second incident, a worker was driving a dump truck that was being loaded with rocks from a farm field by an excavator. The truck then drove uphill and then slipped out of gear, sending the vehicle back down the hill. As it was rolling backwards, the vehicle turned to avoid an object. The truck then flipped over crushing the driver.

The third death took occurred when a welder’s helper was installing a section of pipe that contained a petroleum derivative. As he was welding the section of pipe into place, an explosion occurred and severely burned the worker. He later succumbed to his injuries.

Serious accidents that can claim a worker’s life are a far too common occurrence. Any Michigan worker who has been injured on the job may want to speak with a work injury attorney in order to discover any legal avenues that may be able to help them.

Source:, “MIOSHA enews“, October 6, 2015