Saginaw construction workers have rights after an injury

Michigan workers are tough, especially construction workers, who put up with the grind of a difficult and dangerous job. Not everyone knows the difficulty of waking up with back pain and enduring aches throughout a day of grueling physical labor. Nevertheless, these individuals continue to show up to do their job. At some point, however, it is in everyone’s best interest to take stock of their condition.

Back injuries are some of the most difficult injuries to diagnose and treat. Similarly, they are also one of the most difficult injuries to prove for workers’ compensation benefits. Unless the injury was caused by a single traumatic construction accident, such as falling from a ladder, it will be tough to show that the condition was caused by a work-related action.

In reality, of course workers know that their aches and pain are caused by the early mornings and late nights getting the job done. Still, it can be tough to get an employer or insurance provider to buy in. That is where experts like Timothy S. Burns. become so important.

Mr. Burns has more than 20 years of experience helping workers in the Tri Cities prove their injuries were caused by work-related conditions or repetitive motions. This proof is followed by benefits which covers medical treatment and time away from work.

Time and time again, these benefits have proven to be the difference in changing an individual’s outlook on their careers. Workers should not dread the pain of an average day. Rather, they should be cared for by those benefitting from their hard work. Mr. Burns makes sure that happens with his passionate advocacy for those struggling with work-related injuries.