Saginaw worker suffering from torn rotator cuff in a bind

Constructions workers, factory workers and other manual laborers in the Saginaw area bust their humps every day to feed their families and get the job done. Given the stakes, these selfless individuals often ignore bumps and bruises so the show can go on. Rubbing dirt on it, however, is not sustainable for certain injuries.

For instance, a torn rotator cuff, or the rupture of one or more tendons in the shoulder, is a serious injury that must not be ignored. Nevertheless, since it results from repeated motions, as opposed to a sudden event like a slip and fall or being hit by falling debris, a workers’ compensation claim may be hard to prove.

This leaves the worker with a tough decision. Either they take work off risking their job and financial security or they continue to work risking their future health.

The attorneys at the Law Office of Timothy S Burns, however, are committed to helping these workers avoid that decision. They are experts at proving conditions like torn rotator cuffs are caused by repeated motions at work. This expertise allows their clients to recoup lost wages and medical expenses caused by their condition so they may recover while continuing to support their family.

Michigan’s workers should never accept a situation where they have to choose between their health or financial security. By putting their body on the line day in and day out, these individuals are entitled to support when a medical condition affects their health. With more and more workers compensation claims being denied, local workers need to have the support of experts like Timothy S. Burns. to make sure their claims receive the attention they deserve.