Saginaw workers in Jeopardy of being denied workers’ compensation

Most Saginaw workers recognize that, if they are injured on the job, their employer’s insurance carrier must reimburse them for medical expenses and time away from work. This general concept, though, fails to explain what types of injuries will entitle a worker to benefits.

Certainly, if a construction worker is thrown from a ladder and breaks his leg, benefits will be paid. What is less certain, however, is such things as toxic exposure, occupational disease and carpel tunnel syndrome. Saginaw workers spend nearly a third of their lives doing a task for an employer. These tasks often require movements or presence in environments, which are not healthy for the worker. Nevertheless, workers’ compensation benefits are routinely denied for such conditions.

Importantly, workers are entitled to benefits in these instances where a job condition causes harm. They are denied benefits because insurers do not believe there is enough evidence to tie the condition to the job. These subjective opinions have cost Michigan workers millions of dollars in benefits.

Too often, workers accept these nearly baseless opinions and suffer through an injury and reduced earning capacity without the protection to which they are entitled under the insurance policy. Workers should never cede to such conclusions without consulting an expert first.

Local Saginaw area workers compensation lawyers know how to fight for those with injuries caused by workplace conditions or repetitive motions. Their expertise has proven that certain ailments merit workers compensation benefits. These experts will take care of everything, while you recoup and focus on what is truly important.