Steps Michigan workers can take to avoid a crush or pinch injury

An all too common type of injury suffered on the job is a crush or pinch injury. Most Michigan workers know that these injuries can cause everything from cuts and bruises to mangled or severed body parts and even death. It’s extremely important for workers to understand how to prevent injuries like this. So here are some tips that can raise the awareness about this serious health risk.

Crush injuries can occur in many different types of industries including agriculture, automotive, energy production and even traditional offices. So the first step a worker should take is to learn about the potential crush injury hazards at their job site. Employees should be trained by their company about the proper usage of potentially dangerous equipment and how to take the necessary precautions. Workers should always plan out their tasks and look for possible pinch and crush points ahead of time.

Employees should always dress appropriately and wear clothing that does not flow and is not loose or too long. Shirts should always be put inside pants and any long hair should be kept in a braid or ponytail and tucked inside clothing. It’s also important to wear the appropriate well fitting gloves.

When working around machinery that could potentially cause a crush injury, it’s important to pay attention to the job at hand. Daydreaming, joking around or horseplay is a sure invitation to an accident. Also, never reach into any machine that is moving. Workers should also report any broken or missing machine barriers to their supervisors so that they can be fixed immediately.

A crush or pinch injury can result in lost work days and lost wages. Any Michigan worker who has suffered this kind of debilitating injury may want to speak with a work injury attorney in order to fully understand the legal options that are available to them.

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