Worker killed in grain accident in Michigan

Workers face many risks in the workplace, especially when they are working with heavy equipment or in hazardous areas. A recent fatal workplace accident in Michigan highlights the dangers of grain elevator operations.

A man working at a grain elevator mill in Michigan suffered fatal injuries after he fell into a rail car in the mill. The worker was loading rail cars when he fell into a hopper car that was carrying grain. Other workers rescued him from the car full of grain and provided CPR, but the worker was later pronounced dead.

The Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration said they are investigating the fatal workplace accident to see what led to the accident and how it could have been prevented.

Working in grain elevator facilities can be very dangerous. There are many hazards workers face when working in grain elevators and with grain. Why is working in grain elevator facilities so hazardous? Hazards include suffocation from grain engulfment and entrapment, falls, crush injuries and fires and explosions, according to OSHA. OSHA reports that suffocation is the main cause of death for work accidents involving grain bins.

The fatal accident mentioned in this post is an example of the serious hazards workers face in the grain industry. It only takes a few seconds for a worker to become stuck or unable to move after being engulfed or trapped in grain, according to OSHA. This can lead to suffocation and death in a short amount of time, making it difficult for workers to avoid fatal injuries if they fall or become entrapped in grain.

Workers should be aware of the risks of working with grain, and their employers should take proper safety precautions to prevent any accidents and injuries in the workplace.

Source: News-Sentinel, “Indiana worker dies after fall into rail car at Michigan mill,” Jan. 26, 2014