Workers’ compensation claims in Michigan to surge?

For some workers in Michigan, there are a lot of potential dangers in the work environment. These dangers could become magnified and more likely if a worker does not get an adequate amount of sleep.

For all of those people bemoaning daylight savings time, you are not alone. In fact, research shows that the Monday following the annual spring forward ritual, workplace injuries surge. The uptick in workers’ compensation claims is blamed primarily on lost sleep as research show people get an average of 40 minutes less sleep on the Sunday following the clock change.

The important takeaway from this anecdote for Michigan residents, however, is to simply be careful no matter how often this reminder is given. it is always critical to protect your well-being while at the workplace. If an accident does occur, though, workers need to know what to do next.

Injured workers might have to go through a confusing post-accident process. From filing a workers’ compensation claim to understanding potential rights and claims, the process can get complex and lengthy.

Injured workers and their families generally have large amounts of medical expenses to pay coupled with the inability to pay because of lost wages. Given this double whammy, those injured need somewhere to turn. And, employers are not always prepared to help their injured workers.

Local legal experts can help administer claims and secure the maximum amount of compensation often times without any out-of-pocket expenses to the injured worker. This service can be critical to those raising and family and fighting to get back to work. There is really no price that can be put on this peace of mind.

Source: The Atlantic, “Be Careful! Workplace Injuries Spike Following Switch to Daylight Savings Time,” Rebecca Rose, March 10, 2014