Workers’ compensation claims set to rise in Michigan winter

It’s that time of year where the sidewalks turn to ice and every corner you turn could reveal a new patch of the slick stuff. Every year Michigan is inundated with wintry weather that puts us all at risk for a slip and fall accident. According to recent statistics, slip and fall accidents account for one-third of every workers’ compensation claim in Michigan during the winter.

Given this exposure, various agencies across the state are issuing their annual safety message. Michigan’s Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs is instructing employers not to “roll the dice with snow and ice.” Meanwhile, Michigan’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration and Workers Compensation Agency have sent out similar, though less rhythmic, messages on worker safety.

Some of the tips being thrown about are proper snow removal, the use of de-icing products and a change in the way we walk and what we carry in wintry conditions. Despite all of these efforts, falls during the winter will continue to occur. While slipping on the ice may seem funny to some, it routinely debilitates workers and causes many to accrue significant medical expenses and lost wages.

If you have been injured on the job in such a way, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. Securing the full amount of benefits, however, is not an easy process. There are numerous road blocks which will affect your ability to fully recover compensation for your injury.

The workers’ compensation attorneys in the Saginaw area, however, are experienced at maneuvering around these road blocks and making sure you get every penny to which you are due.

Source:, “LARA Announces: “Don’t Roll the Dice with Snow and Ice”; MIOSHA and WCA Offer Winter Tips for Worker Safety and Reduced Workers’ Comp Costs,” December 19, 2014