Workplace repetitive motion injuries not unique to Michigan

This blog regularly reports on workplace accidents and workers’ compensation issues in Michigan. Michigan, though, is not the only state which must confront issues involving unsafe working environments, repetitive motions injuries, or accidents on the job. It is a national issue that transcends borders and is experienced by every state in the union.

As a result, the federal government, through the Bureau of Labor Statistics, keeps track of accidents and injuries sustained in the American workplace. They do this so local groups and organizations can learn and grow, making lives better for the next generation of workers.

Reviewing their work is eye-opening. The numbers of illnesses, injuries and fatalities caused in the American workforce is truly staggering. While the percentage of workers suffering serious injuries may be relatively low, the raw numbers are anything but.

Hopefully, these numbers give workers struggling with an injury some comfort. You are not alone. Other workers across the country, as well as here in communities like Saginaw have been through the same thing you are going through now. Their experiences may be telling, not only medically, but also with regard to how you can recoup benefits from a workers’ compensation insurer.

Local Saginaw area workers’ comp lawyers have helped hundreds of these workers understand their rights and pursue benefits. These decades of fighting for workers’ rights have instilled experience and know-how that continues to benefit local workers. If you are injured in a workplace accident, or hurting from repetitive motions injuries and are no longer able to perform your duties, you should reach out to a local workers’ comp professional to answer your questions.

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, “Illness, Injuries, and Fatalities,” Accessed on November 11, 2014