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Construction Accident & Personal Injury Attorneys in Michigan

Construction sites, despite the various reforms aimed at regulating them, are almost inherently dangerous. Many individuals are injured while working on-site every year, and some of the injuries they incur are catastrophic in nature. It’s important that you reach out to an experienced construction attorney experienced in personal injury law in the state of Michigan. They can help ensure that your rights are maintained as you pursue financial compensation and recover from your injuries. The Law Offices of Timothy S. Burns, P.C., can help.

Construction Site Dangers

The construction industry often requires its employees to work together with both powerful tools and big vehicles. As you might expect, the accident rate is incredibly high. It is, in fact, one of the most dangerous industries currently in business. This is not always because overseers are at fault, either – there are just all manner of perils that workers encounter while trying to do their jobs. More than 800 deaths related to construction take place every year, and the injuries are almost innumerable. Some of the common causes of construction site injuries include:

• Electrical Accidents
• Crane Accidents
• Welding Accidents
• Exposure to Toxins
• Trench Collapses

In addition, being struck by an object or falling off of a scaffold or other structure is a common reported issue.

Workers’ Compensation & Construction Accidents

If you’ve been injured while working your construction job in Michigan, you might wonder if you can file a workers’ compensation claim that will cover your injuries. Unfortunately, this option doesn’t always cover all of the expenses that you’ll encounter as a result of your injury, including lost wages. That doesn’t mean that you won’t get some kind of offer for settlement on a workers’ compensation claim, of course. It just means that you’re unlikely to receive an amount close to what you are entitled. That’s one of the reasons why you should always speak with an experienced construction accident attorney who is familiar with personal injury and workers’ compensation claims.

Personal Injury Construction Claims

If you were injured due to construction site negligence, you might be able to file a legal claim in order to recover damages. These kinds of cases can be complex, which is why investing in an attorney is a good idea. There are laws that determine when you can file a negligence claim and when you cannot, complete with a number of exceptions and regulations that pertain specifically to construction workers and accidents on the job. An attorney can help ensure that you file your claim under valid legal grounds and will help pursue your financial compensation as passionately as possible.

The Law Offices of Timothy S. Burns, P.C., have the experienced staff you need to win your case. Reach out to us today, toll free, at 844.287.6752 for more information about your claim and how we can help.