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Michigan Workers’ Comp Reduction Lawyer

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Injured workers receiving Michigan workers’ compensation benefits for lost wages and earnings are often surprised to discover their weekly benefits have been reduced by the Michigan Workers’ Compensation Agency (WCA). In many cases, the reduction in benefits is because of a change in status from total disability to partial disability or from permanent to temporary disability. In some cases, the employer may have filed a successful appeal to change work status, trying to force the worker to return to work in a different job classification.

Change In Wage Loss Benefits

Your employer may work with his or her workers’ comp insurance provider to reclassify you from totally disabled to partially disabled. If this happens, you may be ordered to see a vocational rehabilitation counselor regarding your education and job skills. If you are reclassified and the counselor determines that you can return to work, you may face a reduction in wage loss benefits. It is important to remember that the vocational rehabilitation counselor is paid by the workers’ comp insurance provider and, therefore, has an agenda to reclassify you in an attempt to reduce benefits liability.

If your employer or its insurance company decides that you are only partially disabled then your wage loss benefits can be changed. You will be sent to a vocational rehabilitation counselor for an employability and wage earning capacity analysis. You will be asked about your educational background, work history and job search efforts. The vocational rehabilitation counselor will then review medical records, perform a transferable skills analysis and give an opinion about whether you can find other work.

The vocational rehabilitation counselor is hired by the insurance company and they have an agenda. The employability and wage earning capacity analysis is not always a fair assessment. You may be told that you can work in a field that you have never considered or told that a job exists when it does not. If you are scheduled to meet with a vocational rehabilitation counselor, it is a good idea to call a workers’ comp lawyer immediately.

If you are receiving Michigan workers’ compensation benefits and have learned that your weekly benefits are scheduled to be reduced — or have already been reduced — call me right away. I am attorney Timothy S. Burns. of Burns Law in Saginaw. In nearly 20 years of practice, I have helped hundreds of injured workers retain the workers’ comp payments they need for themselves and their families as they recover from their injuries.

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