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Mt. Pleasant Workers’ Compensation and Personal Injury Attorney

Injured on the Job or on the Road? We Can Help

When you’ve suffered a serious injury, paperwork, legal process, and attorneys are probably the furthest thing from your mind—and, they should be. You should be free to focus on your medical care, rehabilitation, and physical and emotional recovery.

Unfortunately, securing fair compensation for your injuries and reimbursement for your medical expenses requires filing claims, negotiating with insurance companies and other responsible parties, and perhaps even the filing of a lawsuit. When you work with an experienced workers’ compensation and personal injury lawyer like Timothy S. Burns, you can focus on your health and your life and leave the complicated legal and procedural issues to a professional.

Mt. Pleasant Workers’ Compensation Claims

Workers’ compensation claims are different from most other injury claims, in that the injured person doesn’t have to prove that someone else was responsible for the injury. The Michigan workers’ compensation system was created to give injured workers a simplified, non-confrontational way to secure medical care and lost wages after a work injury.

In reality, the system doesn’t always work as intended. Paying out claims costs the workers’ compensation insurance company money. In turn, the insurance company may raise the employer’s premiums. So, neither is eager to make significant payouts to benefit an injured employee.
Burns Law helps people who have been injured at work to:

  • Secure workers’ compensation benefits
  • Negotiate or fight for a fair allocation of benefits
  • Appeal workers’ compensation determinations
  • Appeal return-to-work decisions

We also work to identify additional possible responsible parties, which can significantly increase the type and amount of compensation available to a work injury victim.

Non-Workers’-Compensation Work Injury Claims

An injured worker typically can’t file a lawsuit against his employer, even if the employer’s negligence caused the injury. Workers’ compensation is intended to be an exclusive remedy with regard to the employer, and employers are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance to protect employees.
However, some work injuries occur in whole or part because of the negligence of a third party. Some examples of third parties who may be liable after an on-the-job injury include:

  • Other contractors working on the same job site
  • Property owners, if other than the employer
  • Manufacturers or distributors of defective equipment

Identifying and building a case against additional responsible parties in a work injury case can be complicated, but an experienced workers’ compensation and work injury attorney like Timothy S. Burns has the knowledge and resources to investigate your case and explore all avenues of possible recovery.
You can learn more by calling 844-BURNSLAW (844-287-6752) to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation.

Motor Vehicle Accidents in and Around Mt. Pleasant

There were 2,859 motor vehicle accidents on Isabella County roads in 2016, resulting in 533 injuries and six fatalities. Many of those accidents were caused by negligence, including:

  • Drivers texting or using mobile devices while driving
  • Drivers who are under the influence of alcohol, marijuana, or other substances
  • Drivers who disregard safety laws and regulations, such as speed limits and traffic signals
  • Defective automobile or motorcycle parts
  • Negligent vehicle maintenance
  • Dangerous road conditions, such as uncleared debris

Mt. Pleasant Car Accident Claims

Establishing a car accident injury claim can be complicated, and requires resources that the average injury victim may not have readily available. An experienced personal injury attorney can help by:

  • Explaining the law and procedure relating to your car accident claim
  • Managing deadlines and procedural requirements
  • Identifying possible responsible parties
  • Assembling evidence on your behalf
  • Working with expert witnesses to establish liability and damages
  • Identifying, locating, and interviewing witnesses
  • Negotiating for a favorable settlement
  • Trying your car accident case before a judge or jury

Mt. Pleasant Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcyclists are especially vulnerable to accidents, and are often much more seriously injured than drivers and occupants of passenger vehicles. Nationwide, the annual cost associated with motorcycle injuries and deaths has been estimated at $12 to $16 billion. The most common injuries in motorcycle accidents include:

  • Injury to the legs and feet
  • Head injuries, including traumatic brain injuries
  • Neck and spinal injuries

If you’ve suffered a serious motorcycle injury, a Mt. Pleasant personal injury attorney with experience in motorcycle accident cases can be your best resource.

Talk to a Mt. Pleasant Injury Attorney as Soon as Possible

Whether you’ve been injured on the job or in a motor vehicle accident, it is to your advantage to seek knowledgeable guidance as soon as possible after your injury. Small mistakes that you make in the aftermath of the accident can have a lasting impact on your ability to secure full compensation for your injuries.
Take the first step toward protecting yourself and your family right now, by scheduling a consultation with Mt. Pleasant injury attorney Timothy S. Burns. The initial conversation is absolutely free, and can provide you the information you need to move forward with confidence. Just call 844-BURNSLAW (844-287-6752).