Michigan’s drop in workers’ compensation premiums

As word of Michigan’s big savings in workers’ compensation premiums continues to spread, locals are asking more questions about where those savings are coming from. Everyone from local economic groups to the governor are touting the savings as great for all involved from employers to employees. The effect on these two groups, however, are generally divergent. The less employers have to pay for insurance premiums,Continue reading

Michigan’s workers’ compensation rates continue to fall

Economic development organizations across Michigan are buzzing about a recent report published this past week. According to the report, Michigan companies have experienced a 27.7 percent decrease in workers’ compensation costs since 2011. Since local companies are the ones that fund the state’s workers’ compensation insurance system, economic groups intend to use these stats to encourage new companies to set up shop here in Michigan.Continue reading

Michigan employers struggle with workers’ compensation costs

A new report suggests that federal government employers’, including those in Michigan, efforts to control workers’ compensation costs have been hit and miss. While the total amount of costs have dipped $100 million in the past two years, it remains nearly a billion dollars more than the cost just 10 years ago. As a result, employers, like the Army and NASA, have been tinkering withContinue reading

Carpal tunnel syndrome can be caused by work injury

Carpal tunnel syndrome is defined as the pressing or squeezing of the median nerve, which runs between the forearm and the palm, at or near the wrist. The syndrome is routinely characterized by tingling, numbness and eventually pain in one’s hands and wrists. This progressive medical condition grows in severity unless treated by a qualified physician. It is sometimes missed by medical professionals and canContinue reading