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Industrial injuries and workers’ compensation benefits

One of the first questions many Michigan employees ask after being injured is whether they can sue their employer. These injured workers generally pursue workers’ compensation benefits for the costs of their medical expenses and a portion of their time away from work first. While these benefits should theoretically be adequate under any circumstances, it is not hard to imagine how the effects of aContinue reading

Brains not immune from industrial injury

On average, 1,550 Michigan residents die every year from a traumatic brain injury. On top of that, the Public Health Institute estimates another 9,340 are hospitalized with what may be diagnosed as a traumatic brain injury. These injuries may occur in any number of ways. While car accidents are often cited as the main culprit, it is also possible that an industrial injury can resultContinue reading

Michigan man killed in industrial accident

A 49-year-old man was killed recently in a meat processing plant near Zeeland, Michigan. According to reports, the man was pulled into a piece of machinery during an overnight shift while cleaning the machinery and conveyors. His wife revealed that he was working overtime to pay household bills and will leave behind three daughters, aged 10, 7 and 11 months. Michigan’s occupational safety and healthContinue reading