Are there devices that can help prevent knee injuries on the job?

Knee injuries are a far too common occurrence on many Michigan construction job sites. This is because the knees are one of the most overworked parts of a person’s body and they are engaged countless times every day. Bending or kneeling improperly one too many times can result in a serious work accident that can lead to days away from the job. But are thereContinue reading

Six Michigan workers die due to work-related accidents in July

Michigan workers know that every job comes with its own inherent risks. It doesn’t matter if someone works in the construction field, the automotive field or even in an office, dangerous conditions at these places can cause a serious accident or even death. And according to recent data, Michigan workers continue to suffer and die on the job. Data released by the Michigan Occupational SafetyContinue reading

Important safety tips that can protect a Michigan worker’s eyes

While the eyes may be the window to the soul, Michigan workers know that they are also critical for working. Without the ability to see, employees wouldn’t be able to function properly. The eyes are extremely susceptible to injury however, so steps must be taken every day to make sure that they are safe. Here are some important safety steps that can be used toContinue reading

Agency reports 20 percent of all Americans have a disability

Michigan residents may know that a disability doesn’t have to keep an individual from working. They may know many fellow workers that continue to work every day despite suffering from some type of chronic condition. Now a new report indicates that a sizeable percentage of Americans are living each day with some type of disability. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has just releasedContinue reading