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Equipment types and movements that can cause an amputation

An amputation can be traumatic. Recovering from this type of injury is a daunting challenge for anyone and can involve relearning basic skills such as walking and writing. The risk of an amputation can occur in many different industries; however there are some kinds of equipment and kinds of machine motions that can present a more dangerous amputation hazard than others. So here are specificContinue reading

Preventing burn injuries while on the job

The use and application of heat, or producing products through the use of heat, is very common in today’s industries. From food services to metal fabrication, heat and hot substances and surfaces can be found on just about every job site. And that means that workers are susceptible to burns or other types of heat-related injuries. With that in mind, here are some basic tipsContinue reading

Corp of Engineers issues notice of unsafe conditions at Soo Locks

Michigan workers know that unsafe working conditions at any job site are an invitation for an injury. Dangerous conditions must be reported to management and taken care of immediately in order to prevent an industrial injury. However, the US Army Corp of Engineers has just been cited for safety violations at a historic site in Michigan. Recently, the US Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety HealthContinue reading

Can welding fumes cause potential neurological damage?

Welding is an important skill that is highly desired in numerous industries here in Michigan. This ability to join metal together can lead to a very satisfying and well paying career. However, like many jobs, welding may also cause workers’ injuries including potential neurological damage. But exactly what kind of neurological damage is associated with welding? The main source of potential damage from welding comesContinue reading

Are there devices that can help prevent knee injuries on the job?

Knee injuries are a far too common occurrence on many Michigan construction job sites. This is because the knees are one of the most overworked parts of a person’s body and they are engaged countless times every day. Bending or kneeling improperly one too many times can result in a serious work accident that can lead to days away from the job. But are thereContinue reading

Important safety tips that can protect a Michigan worker’s eyes

While the eyes may be the window to the soul, Michigan workers know that they are also critical for working. Without the ability to see, employees wouldn’t be able to function properly. The eyes are extremely susceptible to injury however, so steps must be taken every day to make sure that they are safe. Here are some important safety steps that can be used toContinue reading

How can Michigan industries reduce workplace noise?

When one thinks of workplace injuries, everything from falls to repetitive stress injuries may come to mind. But one common industrial injury is often overlooked. Hearing loss caused by excessive noise is a real issue for many industries in Michigan. But are there steps employers can take to help reduce this problem? According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, workers should notContinue reading

Pharmaceutical site wins Michigan safety award for a third time

Most Michigan workers know about the dangers of workplace injuries and do their best to avoid them when they are on the job. Working hand-in-hand with their employees’ efforts, employers and business owners must also do their part and take the extra step in order to ensure a safe and clean work environment in order to prevent workers’ injuries. So when a Michigan firm excelsContinue reading