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Winter conditions biggest hazard to Michigan workers

According to workers’ compensation insurers, slip and fall accidents are the most common source of benefit claims among workers in Midwest states like Michigan. Last year alone, winter related slips and falls accounted for thirty-two percent of claims in Michigan. Among other states like Indiana, Wisconsin and Minnesota, these accidents doubled from the previous year. Other job conditions, like repetitive motions also cause a fairContinue reading

Workplace repetitive motion injuries not unique to Michigan

This blog regularly reports on workplace accidents and workers’ compensation issues in Michigan. Michigan, though, is not the only state which must confront issues involving unsafe working environments, repetitive motions injuries, or accidents on the job. It is a national issue that transcends borders and is experienced by every state in the union. As a result, the federal government, through the Bureau of Labor Statistics,Continue reading

Dropping rates of workplace fatalities in Michigan

Over the last few weeks, this blog has highlighted the decrease in workers’ compensation rates across the state of Michigan. This is great news for employers as a mandatory expense of running a business is now lower. While the state hopes the savings result in additional investment and new businesses moving to Michigan, workers hold their breath as they wait to see whether the cutsContinue reading