Michigan employees protected by Workers’ Compensation Act

Since 1912, injured workers in Michigan have been protected by the Workers’ Disability Compensation Act. While the Act has undergone significant changes in the past 100 years, the intention of the Act has remained materially the same. Carried out by Michigan’s Workers’ Compensation Agency, the Act is meant to provide compensation for those injured on the job, while also regulating an employer’s liability. According toContinue reading

New workers compensation provider enters Michigan market

Eastern Alliance Insurance (EAI) Group, a casualty insurance company based out of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, recently opened a new facility in Grandeville. The group had previously expanded into Indiana before making Michigan part of its footprint too. It is expected that EAI Group will specialize in providing workers compensation coverage to Michigan employers. The insurance provider markets itself to employers by offering various different plan optionsContinue reading

Michigan Teacher Files Workers’ Compensation Claim

A Detroit teacher who broke up a fight between her students with a broom has filed a workers’ compensation claim. The woman made headlines after the video of her using the broom went viral. According to reports, she was initially fired and then rehired after the incident by Michigan’s turnaround school district. Unfortunately, medical health professionals have prohibited her from returning to work as theContinue reading

Michigan telemedicine rises in workers’ compensation claims

According to industry reports, “telemedicine” is rapidly growing as a tool in the treatment of injured workers across the country, including Saginaw. Telemedicine is defined as the virtual interaction between two people during the workers’ compensation claims process. The process has been used for decades as doctors and pharmacists telephone injured workers. Nonetheless, it has evolved with technology to include everything from taking vital signsContinue reading

Michigan Governor approves workers’ compensation changes

Governor Rick Snyder has recently signed into law a package of bills amending Michigan’s workers’ compensation laws. The bills were spurred by the experience of Delphi Co. employees who were denied benefits following the company’s bankruptcy in 2005. While some of the law’s provisions are specifically geared towards Delphi’s former employees, the majority of the legislation is meant to prevent such a situation from occurringContinue reading