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Determining liability in a construction accident

By both federal and state law, employers must make every effort to maintain a safe working environment for its employees. But some working conditions and environments, such as construction sites, are inevitably more hazardous than others and, as the saying goes, accidents happen. But some accidents are preventable, and often neglect or oversights by various or multiple parties led to conditions where an accident isContinue reading

Two Michigan workers killed on the job during November

Despite worker education, improved safety equipment and the use of proper safety techniques on the job, workers still are at risk for injuries and serious accidents at work sites every day throughout the state. Now, a news release from the Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration has indicated two additional workers were killed during the month of November here in Michigan. MIOSHA has announced thatContinue reading

What 3 steps can help prevent falls at Michigan job sites?

Preventing all types of accidents on the job site should be the concern of every Michigan employer and employee. But reducing serious accidents and fatalities caused by falls is also paramount because this type of accident is preventable. But what steps can workers and employers take to help reduce the number of falls at Michigan job sites? According to Occupational Safety and Health Administration, theContinue reading

MIOSHA begins local program to reduce workplace injuries

Michigan workers know that job sites need to be safe in order to be productive. Government officials know this too, and recently Michigan’s branch of the Occupational Health and Safety Administration announced a new program designed to enhance worker safety. Last month, MIOSHA launched a new program that will attempt to improve worker safety and health. The Local Emphasis Program is focused on specific sectorsContinue reading

What steps can help prevent repetitive stress injury on the job?

A repetitive stress injury is damage caused to the soft tissues of the body such as the hands, shoulders and back. This type of injury is usually caused by overuse or repeating a specific motion with the same body part over and over again over a long period of time. While many blue collar workers can develop a repetitive stress injury it is also veryContinue reading

Basic safety guidelines to be followed while using a forklift

A forklift is a small self driving vehicle that is used to move heavy pallets of equipment and can be found on many construction worksites. And while it can help workers do their jobs better, this type of vehicle requires real skill to operate. If used improperly it can cause serious accidents and leave workers with major injuries. So here are some basic safety principlesContinue reading

Six Michigan workers die due to work-related accidents in July

Michigan workers know that every job comes with its own inherent risks. It doesn’t matter if someone works in the construction field, the automotive field or even in an office, dangerous conditions at these places can cause a serious accident or even death. And according to recent data, Michigan workers continue to suffer and die on the job. Data released by the Michigan Occupational SafetyContinue reading

Saginaw construction worker killed in construction accident

Workers and families harmed by a construction accident are protected through workers’ compensation and the legal system. Sadly, a construction accident in the Saginaw area recently killed a construction worker. A 40-year old Saginaw man was killed on a local college campus construction project. According to an investigation, one construction worker was operating an excavator to dump stone into a ditch when the excavator slidContinue reading

Tips to prevent soft tissue injuries at Michigan worksites

Soft tissue injuries are injuries to the muscles, discs, tendons, ligaments, nerves and cartilage in the body. They can include back injuries such as a herniated disc and low back strain and upper body injuries such as rotator cuff damage. Soft tissue injuries are a common occurrence at many Michigan worksites and can cause significant pain and disability. The National Institute for Occupational Safety andContinue reading

Workers’ compensation benefits available in Michigan

When Michigan workers are injured on the job they are eligible for Workers’ Compensation benefits in order to help them and their families. But they may not be aware of all of the benefits that are available to them through this system. This post will explore some of the basic benefits that are available to injured Michigan workers through the state’s workers’ compensation program. AnContinue reading