Dangers of a mine collapse and other risks with mine work

People in Michigan who work in mines understand the possible risks with that kind of job. While the number of times a mine collapse has been prominent in the news is generally low, that doesn’t diminish the risk that mine workers face on a daily basis. Although workers are undoubtedly aware of these dangers, those risks can be mitigated by employers taking steps to avoid an unsafe work environment and work accidents. These accidents often happen due to common hazards – many of which are preventable with proper procedures.

Job lists detailing the most dangerous forms of employment worldwide often include mining work. Understanding the dangers can help those who work in the industry as well as their families keep an eye out for employer negligence and be vigilant about safety. A mine collapse is one of the issues that can happen, and it is often for the result of the following: the ceilings and walls not being secured correctly; an excavation has gone too deep, leading to cracks in the floor and walls to weaken the structure; and poor planning for drilling or blasting.

Another danger is if there is a gas explosion. These happen when there has been a buildup of methane gas. The work areas are required to have proper ventilation to avoid a pocket of gas from forming. It is necessary that the gas levels are fully monitored with an evacuation order given if there is a level of gas that surpasses what is legally allowed. Equipment is also a potential issue. Often, these machines are automated and any lack of maintenance or failure to adhere to proper safety rules can cause accidents, injuries to the shoulder or other body parts and fatalities of workers. Chemical leaks can happen from the failure to store chemicals properly. Workers can grow ill if the ventilation is not up to standards. Electrocutions and fires are other ways in which worker injuries can happen.

Workers who are employed in the mining industry are proud of the work they do. Many don’t consider the inherent jeopardy they place themselves in. Many times, a work accident occurs due to employer negligence and an unsafe work environment. When there is a mine collapse or other accident in a mine, those who were hurt and the families of those killed need to understand that they might be able to pursue compensation with assistance from a qualified legal professional.

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