MIOSHA begins local program to reduce workplace injuries

Michigan workers know that job sites need to be safe in order to be productive. Government officials know this too, and recently Michigan’s branch of the Occupational Health and Safety Administration announced a new program designed to enhance worker safety.

Last month, MIOSHA launched a new program that will attempt to improve worker safety and health. The Local Emphasis Program is focused on specific sectors of the construction industry, namely the structural steel, siding and pre-cast concrete areas. The program was devised after a 2013 Bureau of Labor Statistics analysis of non-fatal on-the-job injuries revealed that there was a significant rise in worker injuries in this sector.

The new program will step up MIOSHA inspections at steel, siding and pre-cast concrete sites where workers are exposed to specific safety hazards and risks. MIOSHA will keep track of the number of employers and employees, as well as any violations that occur at these sites.

These inspections will also pay attention to the specific hazards and injuries that are associated with these industries. MIOSHA will focus on areas such as worker protection from a ladder or scaffolding fall, the types of personal protective items used, tool guarding and electrical protection. If one of these industries sees an increase in the number of worker injuries, MIOSHA will then augment their enforcement activities, as well as training and outreach services, all in an effort to reduce injuries.

It is hoped that the increase in MIOSHA inspections can help reduce the number of serious accidents and injuries at these job sites. However, any Michigan worker who has been injured on the job may want get more information about potential legal options after receiving the proper medical care.

Source: Michigan.gov, “MIOSHA enews“, Nov. 3, 2015