What 3 steps can help prevent falls at Michigan job sites?

Preventing all types of accidents on the job site should be the concern of every Michigan employer and employee. But reducing serious accidents and fatalities caused by falls is also paramount because this type of accident is preventable. But what steps can workers and employers take to help reduce the number of falls at Michigan job sites?

According to Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the first step in this process is to plan. Employers need to plan each job that requires working from scaffolding, roofs and ladders. They need to decide what is the safest way to complete the work as well as what safety equipment is needed and what are the necessary steps for the work. Employers should also be sure to add in the cost of the proper safety equipment when estimating job costs.

The next necessary step in preventing serious accidents such as a ladder or scaffolding fall at job sites is to make sure that the proper equipment is available at the site. Since workers who work from a height of six feet can be seriously injured from a fall from this height, the proper protection and equipment must be provided. Ladders and scaffolding must be job appropriate and proper harnesses for any personal fall arrest systems must be used.

The final step that can help prevent falls at job sites is training. Training employees properly on the type of equipment that they will be using is critical. Equipment such as ladders, scaffolding and personal harness systems are only useful if the workers using them understand their abilities and limitations.

According to OSHA, there were 291 fatal falls at construction sites in 2013. However, any Michigan worker who has been involved in a construction accident while working may want to speak with a work accident attorney after receiving the proper medical care in order to determine if there are legal avenues that can be pursued.

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