Workers injured in 193-vehicle Michigan crash may seek benefits

Not surprisingly, various agencies and organizations around Michigan are sniffing into the 193-car pileup on I-94. Crash investigators are just now turning their reports into state prosecutors to determine if charges will be filed and against whom in relation to the January 9 mega crash. Now, the Michigan Department of Transportation has issued a notice that it will undergo a safety study to see whether conditions on I-94 contributed to the incident that killed one and injured 20 others.

While their findings may be enlightening, they should not affect the ability of an injured worker to recover workers’ compensation benefits. In fact, once a worker is injured on the job, as many of the truckers involved in this crash were, he or she may be entitled to benefits. From lost wages to reimbursement for medical expenses, these benefits can be extremely valuable when one is in a financial bind.

Unfortunately, the complexity of an event may lead to a snag in the recovery of these benefits. Whether it is the cause of a complicated event such as this accident or the medical explanation for one’s injury that is not always crystal clear, there may be things that throw a wrench in the recovery of benefits.

Fortunately, it is possible for injured workers in Michigan to seek help both to recover benefits and to maximize the amount of workers’ comp coverage to which they are entitled. The workers’ compensation system can be difficult to understand, with many filing requirements and deadlines. Seeking the assistance of an experienced attorney can help a person understand this process in a clearer way, hopefully leading to adequate compensation for the accident and injury they have been subjected to.