Repetitive stress injuring hundreds of Saginaw area workers

As kids, we all learn about economies of scale, or the cost savings obtained through specialization. Rather than each immigrant to the New World managing each and every one of their needs independently, they began specializing in one thing or another. The blacksmith became an expert at pounding out horseshoes for everyone in town, while the baker became proficient at creating that loaf of rye to feed the community and society as a whole prospered.

Of course, the blacksmith’s shoulder eventually gave out and the baker inhaled enough flour to make breathing itself a chore. The specialization, you see, resulted in repetitive stress. Hundreds of years later, local workers in the Saginaw area experience the same sort of ailments. The day-to-day grind of their specialized employment causes injuries and conditions which may hinder their job performance or even prohibit enjoyment off-the-clock.

Depending on the injuries received on the job, one may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. From cash for medical expenses to money to make up the difference between lost wages, these benefits are vital to those that sustain a workplace injury.

Unfortunately, injuries caused by repetitive stress can be tough to prove. An employer or adjuster may argue that rotator cuff was caused by your softball activities as opposed to repetitive work activities. In such a scenario, the workers’ compensation lawyers at Burns Law can be a resource.

These experienced attorneys have helped thousands of workers obtain the full benefit of their workers’ compensation insurance. From proving an injury is work related to maximizing the recovery for medical bills and other damages, Burns Law has proved helpful for those suffering from a workplace injury.