Michigan employees protected by Workers’ Compensation Act

Since 1912, injured workers in Michigan have been protected by the Workers’ Disability Compensation Act. While the Act has undergone significant changes in the past 100 years, the intention of the Act has remained materially the same. Carried out by Michigan’s Workers’ Compensation Agency, the Act is meant to provide compensation for those injured on the job, while also regulating an employer’s liability.

According to its website, the Agency seeks to provide prompt, courteous and impartial service to its customers. This includes answering general questions concerning how an employer can comply with the Act, as well as whether a particular employee is covered by the terms of the Act.

While Michigan’s state employees may be a fantastic resource for those with questions on compliance and regulatory issues concerning the 1912 Act, they are not advocates for injured workers. By the very terms of their objective, the officials in Lansing set out to be impartial third-parties. Therefore, an injured worker may run up against a brick wall if their claim is disputed by their employer.

This is where experienced workers’ compensation lawyers can help injured workers push across the finish line. These experts will aggressively advocate for their client’s position. From proving a particular event is covered under the Act or showing that a certain injury merits compensation for medical expenses and lost wages, local Saginaw lawyers will seek to administer the Act in a way that benefits the injured worker.

Those with general questions about the nature and form of Michigan’s workers’ compensation laws can find numerous resources, both online and over the phone by contacting the state Agency. To effectively pursue a disputed claim, however, injured workers are advised to consult with a private attorney with experience representing those injured on the job.

Source: Michigan.gov, “Welcome to Workers’ Compensation Agency,” accessed on July 29, 2014