Michigan workers urged to protect eyes, avoid serious accidents

As Michigan residents may already know, March is Workplace Eye Wellness Month. As a result, the American Academy of Ophthalmology is pushing a campaign to encourage safe work practices across the country. In fact, the construction industry is one of the main three industries where eye injuries occur. Since over 300,000 workers visit the hospital every year because of eye injuries in the workplace, the campaign has its work cut out for it.

Michigan has its fair share of serious accidents causing those injuries. The state and its cities like Saginaw and Flint have been heralded for decades for their blue collar workforce. This workforce, though, is exposed to the potential for serious injuries in the workplace.

Generally, workplace accidents are associated with construction accidents like falls or equipment malfunctions. As a result, eye injuries often get overlooked. But, this especially vulnerable part of the human anatomy is regularly injured at work, particularly if an employer fails to give its employees protective eyewear or other safety equipment to protect their eyes. And, given the eye’s importance to numerous jobs and activities, an injury to it can cause long-term effects on the victim.

Those injured in such a way may want to contact a local workers’ compensation attorney. These local professionals may be able to injured workers cut through the red tape and secure a fair award that pays for the lost wages, lost work opportunities, medical expenses and other damages caused by the accident. Too often, an injured employee is directed to take a different course that does not adequately compensate them for the injuries they sustained. By understanding all their rights and options, victims of workplace accidents may be able to seek the compensation they deserve.

Source: Chem.info, “Celebrate Eye Awareness Month By Preventing Workplace Injuries,” March 4, 2014