Dropping rates of workplace fatalities in Michigan

Over the last few weeks, this blog has highlighted the decrease in workers’ compensation rates across the state of Michigan. This is great news for employers as a mandatory expense of running a business is now lower. While the state hopes the savings result in additional investment and new businesses moving to Michigan, workers hold their breath as they wait to see whether the cuts will affect them when they get injured on the job.

Certainly, a serious and sudden workplace accident that results in significant injuries or death will almost always result in an accepted claim. Through diligent safety measures, though, serious injuries and workplace fatalities in Michigan are on the decline. Injuries caused by daily repetitive motions, however, are still a reality for many Saginaw workers. Since these injuries are more difficult for an employee to prove and easier to brush under the rug, they are less of a concern for cost-controlling policy makers.

Nevertheless, the intent of workers’ compensation coverage is not erased simply because an injury developed over the course of time. Unfortunately, too many claims for injuries resulting from an unsafe working environment are denied each year.

Local Saginaw area workers’ compensation lawyers know the proper methods of proving such injuries. Their decades of experience have helped hundreds of local workers get the benefits they needed to take care of their families while they struggled through a medical condition. No matter the injury, workers should reach out to one of these attorneys to get a free evaluation of their potential for securing benefits.

Source: Insurance Journal, “Workplace Fatalities Decline in Michigan,” Oct. 28, 2014