Winter conditions biggest hazard to Michigan workers

According to workers’ compensation insurers, slip and fall accidents are the most common source of benefit claims among workers in Midwest states like Michigan. Last year alone, winter related slips and falls accounted for thirty-two percent of claims in Michigan. Among other states like Indiana, Wisconsin and Minnesota, these accidents doubled from the previous year.

Other job conditions, like repetitive motions also cause a fair number of claims, but this report states no incident happens with more frequency that slipping on an icy patch. With winter weather settling in for the foreseeable future, it is likely that these accidents will begin to pile-up for the 2104-15 reporting year.

It is unfortunate that such an unsafe working environment could result from such an obvious source. Nevertheless, unceasing winters make a fair amount of slips inevitable. If you are injured in this type of accident on the job you need to know that you may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits.

It is a common misconception that someone needs to be injured by falling beam or failing manufacturing equipment to be entitled to benefits for a job-related accident. In reality, workers’ compensation is available to most workers, no matter how they are injured on the job, even if it is slipping on a patch of ice while walking to or from a job duty.

Workers injured in such a way may wish to consult with a local Saginaw area workers’ comp lawyer. These professionals can gather information on the incident and explain your rights and duties as they may related to financial compensation for your employer’s insurance carrier. Their experience and knowledge has helped hundreds of claimants recover from slip and falls without worrying over lost wages or medical expenses.

Source: Insurance Journal, “1/3 of Work Comp Claim in Midwest Caused by Slip and Falls,” November 17, 2104