Two Injured in Serious Accident on Construction Site

Two workers in Boston were injured when the 12th floor of a building under construction collapsed to the fifth floor. According to reports, approximately 120 workers were on the construction site working on the planned 33-story building when the serious accident occurred. One of the victims sustained a serious head injury, while the other was hospitalized for what was described as a minor injury.

Incidents like these are tragic, because they can almost always be prevented. Nevertheless, we are inundated with a steady flow of accidents on construction sites. Here in Michigan, workers are regularly injured during the job by any number of dangers. From an electrical accident to a scaffolding fall, workers can be put out of commission in the blink of an eye.

This reality is troubling, given the hard work Michigan employees put into providing for their families. It is disconcerting to think that this ability to earn can be taken away due to an accident. However, if an injury sidelines a worker, he or she can lose their income.

As a result, local Saginaw workers’ compensation attorneys have committed themselves to advocating for injured workers and their families. These experienced individuals have mastered the ins and outs of local regulations and know how to secure adequate funds for victims.

Injured workers are not just entitled to be reimbursed for medical care and past lost wages. They also are entitled to the future value of reduced earnings. This is an important component to a workers’ compensation award, because it ensures the worker and his or her family’s future is secure. Accordingly, those injured should seek to enforce their rights.

Source: Boston Globe, “Construction accident injures two in Boston Theater District,” Joseph Dussault, Mar. 20, 2014