Workers’ compensation benefits available in Michigan

When Michigan workers are injured on the job they are eligible for Workers’ Compensation benefits in order to help them and their families. But they may not be aware of all of the benefits that are available to them through this system. This post will explore some of the basic benefits that are available to injured Michigan workers through the state’s workers’ compensation program.

An injured Michigan worker has the right to seek and receive immediate medical treatment for their injury. Workers’ compensation will pay for medical expenses, for treatment needed to help the worker recover as well as for any medication a doctor prescribes for the injury. Workers’ compensation will also pay an injured worker for the mileage driven to get to and from medical appointments and hospital visits. Depending on the company’s plan, a worker may have to initially see the company doctor for up to 30 days after his or her injury, but after that the worker can usually request to see a new doctor.

Should a worker be unable to return to work right away because of their injuries, they may be able to receive temporary disability benefits which can help compensate them for their lost wages. Temporary disability does have a specific time limit, but it can provide injured workers with about two-thirds of their average weekly wage.

Permanent disability benefits are also available to workers who qualify. The amount of permanent disability benefits is determined by the limitations the worker faces after the injury, their occupation, age and pre-injury earnings.

Workers’ compensation also provides vocational rehabilitation for an injured worker if the worker is able to work but unable to perform the job duties they had before the injury. Vocational rehabilitation will usually include training the worker to perform other tasks so they can rejoin the work force and become self-sufficient.

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