Workers Compensation Claim Costs Being Examined in Michigan

The Workers Compensation Research Institute in Cambridge, Massachusetts recently released a study showing that Michigan and just 15 other states account for 60% of the workers comp benefit payments in the United States. Notably absent from the study were high population states like California and New York. The staggering percentage was attributed, rather, to the lack of restrictions on medical treatment pricing.

As a result, at least one of the states on the list, Indiana, will be rolling out new fee schedules aimed at reducing the price per claim. Given the magnitude of the issue, the other states like Michigan are also considering options to lower costs. Since lifting and climbing will not be eliminated from jobs anytime soon, the workers comp system must find a sustainable way that continues to protect local workers.

Despite increased expenses, states with less price restrictions generally see their employees return to work quicker after workplace accidents. Nevertheless, the push and pull between costs and workers’ rights will continue in Michigan’s state legislature for the foreseeable future.

Meanwhile, workers in Saginaw are forced to accept the system in its current state. Fortunately, local workers compensation attorneys can help those injured on the job try to maximize recovery. These experts have mastered the administrative ins and outs of the system and know how recent changes to the law can be leveraged to help a victim, and his or her family, recover quicker from an injury. They can help initiate an investigation of the accident and ensure all recoverable funds are collected.

Source: Insurance Journal, “Changes in Indiana’s Workers Comp System Aimed at Slowing Rise in Medical Cost per Claim,” Stephanie Jones, May 5, 2014